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Upfront, no BS, good service. I brought in an old BMW to have a wheel alignment done. For wheel alignments, you can adjust the Camber, Caster and Toe. The Toe, in most cases, applies only to the front wheels. My car only has the ability to have its Toe adjusted on the front wheels. I spoke with John, and presented my situation to him. He informed me that 2 wheel alignments cost $70, and 4 wheel alignments cost $80, both of which include adjusting the Camber, Caster and Toe. However, seeing that my car only had the ability to adjust the Toe for the front wheels, he charged me $35. Prior to calling Nline, I had talked to no less than 10 other shops that did alignments. No one was willing to accommodate my car because it only could have it's Toe adjusted. Furthermore, I even had one shop (Aline on W. 34th) that wanted to charge me more because I had a BMW.I have no doubt that I will be heading back to Nline whenever I need something to be worked on.


This place is basically the absolute opposite of every other automotive shop you've ever been to. The staff is knowledgeable, polite, and most importantly, never tries to upsell you on retarded crap you don't really need.I took my Honda here and, having suffered uneven tire wear, was pretty certain there was something quite serious wrong. The interesting fact is that I had taken my car to other automotive shops on three separate occasions with the exact same problem and they all told me I needed new tires and alignment. While this was true, they neglected to mention that my particular model of car has no camber adjustment right off the line, so you have to order an additional part that allows for the adjustment. This is pretty annoying since my tires would always wear out way before their warranty.Well, the guys at NLine explained the issue to me, immediately knew the solution, and helped me get it sorted out. In addition, they don't put the screws to you on the pricing. You'll generally pay for the part (I don't think with any markup, actually) and then a reasonable rate for the hourly work.We also took my fiance's car there and the transmission had to be replaced. We chose to get a used transmission because the car is pretty old and it doesn't make any sense to put a new one in it at this point. They ended up having to keep the car for several days because they sent back three transmissions that were craptastic, and then knocked off 10% on labor due to the fact that they had to keep it longer than they initially stated.I can't really say enough positive things about these guys. They are stand-up, honest, and hard-working guys. You really get value at NLine, and I now recommend them to everyone who needs car repairs.Thanks, NLine.


These guys are truthful, honest and stand behind their work. Never in my life have I had a technician show me diagram to help me fully understand my situation. I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend them.


I brought in my car on a very hot August day and when I picked it up, the windshield had a large crack in it. I spoke with the owner, and he assured me that he would not "leave me hanging." He delivered far and above on his promise. Not only did he send his glass specialist to repair my windshield on site at my home, but NLine covered the cost of replacement. NLine truly values their customers and works hard to keep them satisfied. I would definitely recommend their work.